Shetlandeli Chutneys

Shetlandeli are part of the COPE Ltd, a well-established and successful social enterprise based in Shetland, providing employment and skill development for adults with learning disabilities.

They make a range of award-winning chutneys and relishes and all their products are developed and made by hand in Shetland.

Kishie Carrot & Cardamom Relish
Crispy carrot and turnip is infused with ginger, orange and cardamom to make this lovely sticky relish. It pairs beautifully with fish.

Spiggie Courgette Relish
This tangy relish, crammed full of courgettes, sweet peppers and onions, has a peppery sweetness which adds a tasty punch to a wide range of food. It makes a terrific accompaniment to sandwiches, sausages, cheese and cold meats.

Up Helly Aa Relish
Celebrating Shetland's rich Viking history, Up Helly Aa is a superb spectacle, culminating in a torch-lit procession and the burning of a galley. This fiery relish has a hint of that great Viking fire. It's superb with burgers and sausages, but also sits very nicely on a cheeseboard.



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