Shetland Press Box

Missing Shetland? Our Shetland Press boxes are the perfect cure. Filled with a wide selection of Shetland's finest food, you can get a taste of home wherever you are.



Whalsay Made - Sweet Chilli Sauce

Whalsay Made - Lime and Gin Preserve

Shetlandeli - Kishi carrot and cardamom

Fidela - Coffee

Thule Ventus - Cod Jerky

Thule Ventus - Salt Cod (80g)

Skibhoul Bakery - Oceanic Oatcakes

Skibhoul Bakery - Oatmeal Biscuits

Shetland Fudge - Puffin Poo

Sandwick Bakery - Bannock

Extra Large

Everything in the 'Large' box, plus:

Whalsay Made - Pickled Beetroot

Shetlandeli - Spiggie Courgette Relish

Skibhoul Bakery - Special Biscuits

Shetland Fudge - Salted Caramel Chocolate Fudge

Shetland Fudge - Scottish Tablet


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