Reestit Mutton

A firm favourite in Shetland dating years back, reestit mutton is considered by many to be Shetland's favourite dish.

Reestit mutton was traditionally made by hanging mutton legs above peat fires so the smoke would cure them after being soaked and brined. Our reestit mutton is brined and then dried locally, using the finest locally sourced Shetland mutton. 

Reestit mutton is usually eaten with tattie soup and bannocks. Each family has their own unique recipe....ours is below! We'd love to hear your favourite way to eat reestit mutton.

David's Tattie Soup with Reestit Mutton:

Cover the reestit mutton in water and simmer for two hours. Ladle off the fat and add potatoes, carrots and neeps (turnips) and onions. Simmer for 45 mins then run off and retain the liquid. Mash the tatties and vegetables to suit favoured texture and re-add the saved liquid to suit your favoured consistency (thick is good!). Flake the reestit mutton into soup and serve with heavily buttered bannocks if you can, or bread.

Another one of our favourite ways to eat reestit mutton is to slice and fry in oil and butter, with lots of onions and again serve with heavily buttered bannocks or bread.


Sold in 500g packs.

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