Catch of the Day Fish Box Subscription

Our Catch of the Day fish subscription boxes are perfect for fish lovers or those looking to introduce more fish into their diet. 

Choose from weekly or monthly subscription options which takes the pressure off remembering to place your order.

All of our fish comes from local, family-owned Shetland boats and is delivered to you in fully recyclable and well insulated packaging, using wool sheets which are excellent natural insulators.

  • The 2 person box contains at least 15 fillets and some of our salt cod products.
  • The Family box contains at least 20 fillets and and some of our salt cod products.
  • The Family box contains at least 25 fillets and some of our salt cod products.

We cannot take exact orders at this time as what is available depends on what is caught that day to ensure maximum freshness and quality. However, we can take requests to include or exclude specific items.

Due to the types of fish typically caught in our Shetland waters, your boxes will contain fish high in protein and Omega 3 so they are the perfect healthy option.

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