250g Shetland Salt Dried Cod Fillet


Our award-winning salt cod, which is also known as bacalao, bacalhau, baccala, bakalarios or saltfish, is salt and air-dried using using the same methods that have been used in Shetland for hundreds of years. The curing process is done by hand and takes six to eight weeks – we only stop the curing process when we feel each batch is ready.

Our cod is caught off the coast of Shetland, by local, family-owned boats in the early hours of the morning and salted the same day. Packed with provenance, the name of the boat that caught the fish is printed on each pack, along with details on how to track it.

"Classic looking  piece of re-hydrated salt fish, dense in texture though with a nice and meaty texture. Still retaining the cod flavour, perfect as the main ingredient of a bacalao influenced dish"


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Kosher Salt (No caking agents)

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