Thule Ventus was started by me, David Polson, in 2014. It began as a hobby, using skills learned from my father and from my fellow crew members, when I worked on the ferry that ran between Whalsay and Mainland Shetland.

My family has been salting fish for generations and I wanted to rejuvenate this traditional food for modern day fish-lovers, as while still popular in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, in the UK, salt cod has been lost in our history.


The above photos show me, salt cod in production and my Great-Grandfather, Robbie Irvine, standing outside his croft house in the 1940s next to a line of piltocks, hanging out to dry after being salted.

I am very passionate about my Shetland heritage and proud of the quality of our seafood and the fisherman who catch it.

I also stock a range of Shetland produce including Shetland favourites Reestit Mutton and Sassermaet on the site, so you can get your Shetland fix at any time!