Us Shetlanders have been salting and curing fish for over six hundred years as a means of both survival and trade, whether it be the staple “piltock” to help see us through the long winters, or the more widely known cod, which we used to trade with countries all over the world.

In the 1800s, the Basque Country had the most refined cod cuisine in the world. They believed the best salt cod they could get was caught in Shetland waters and dried on Shetland stone beaches. They called it the ‘Shetland Cure’.

Nowadays, salt fish is still popular in the Mediterranean, referred to as bacalao, bacalhau, baccala or bakalarios, as well as in the Caribbean.

Thule Ventus was born to reinvigorate Shetland’s traditional salt cod industry and bring this delicious food back to tables across the UK and beyond. We hope our products reflect our heritage and pay a small tribute to the skills and hardships endured by our forebearers, to bring you the world’s finest salt fish - ‘The Shetland Cure’.

For further reading, ‘The Cod Hunters’ or ‘Cod, A Biography Of The Fish That Changed The World’ are both available from our online shop.