Sustainability is something we strongly believe in and so do everything we can to ensure our products are as environmentally friendly as possible.
Our Fish
All our fish is caught sustainably off the Shetland coast by local, family-owned boats. We believe in provenance and are proud of our product and the men who catch it, so much so, that we print the name of the boat that caught your fish on each pack we sell. You can use this info to track the boat to see where it is sailing in real-time!


Waste products can be a hidden environmental impact of many businesses, but we endeavour to create as little waste as possible. We turn our fish off-cuts into delicious, healthy dog treats which are high in protein and low in fat so you can reward your dog to environmentally conscious treats that are good for them and the planet.


All our packaging is 100% recyclable. We use carboard outer packaging, insulate our fresh products with wool which is a fantastic natural insulator.

For more detailed information on fish sustainability, please check out our blog post here