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If you’re unfamiliar with salt cod but maybe see boxes of it in fish stores , you may think it’s a recipe for a heart attack. It’s not. That’s because before we cook and eat it, the salted fillets are soaked in repeated baths of cool water for about 24 hours to remove most of the salt.

Before cooking with salt cod, place it in a large bowl in the sink and fill the bowl with cool water, covering the fish entirely. About an hour later, dump out the water and refill the bowl again with more fresh water. Repeat this process for the next 24-hours, leaving the fish to soak for increasing periods of time and making sure you’ve changed the water at least 3 times. You’ll notice as you go through these steps how the salt will be leaving the fish — first from its surface and then from the fish itself. The fish will also absorb some of the water and take on weight so that a fillet that may have weighed 12 ounces to begin with will be about a pound by the time you’re done.
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