500g Salt Dried (Piltocks) Coley

The star of James Martin’s new show, airing in February 2020, these piltocks are a true Shetland classic. It is not just that they are a sustainable alternative to cod – they taste fantastic too!

Available as 500g or 1000g.

Known as 'hard piltocks' in Shetland and perfect for beautiful and delicious simple fishcakes, or the delight that is known in north-east Scotland as 'hairy tatties'. You can also try The Pickled Fork's Salt Pollock Croquettes. A great alternative to salt cod.

Our salt dried piltocks are skinned and filleted, so all you have to do is soak them overnight and boil them.

The salt piltocks are presented in clear pouches and the atmosphere is maintained with silica gel packs. The price includes free postage and packing.

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