Christina's Cucina Deep Fried, Battered Salt Cod

April 17, 2017

Christina's Cucina Deep Fried, Battered Salt Cod

Lidia Conte's Deep fried, battered Salt Cod recipe.

  • salt cod, presoaked for 18 to 36 hours, depending on thickness (soak the fish in a bowl of water, so that it is completely submersed, changing the water 2 or 3 times. If it is a thick piece of fish, leave it for a minimum of 24 hours (on the countertop is fine); thinner fish can be soaked for 12 to 18 hours
  • flour
  • 1 tbsp milk
  • 4 0z (1/2 cup) water (this is for a small amount of salt cod, double all the ingredients for a larger fish)
  • a good pinch of salt
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • oil for deep frying

For more details visit Christina's Cucina website.  

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