Have you tried our award winning Salt Cod Pate?

October 26, 2020

Have you tried our award winning Salt Cod Pate?

We are delighted to have been awarded a gold star from The Guild of Fine Food for our Salt Cod Pate.  We have worked hard on getting the recipe just right and the hard work has paid off!

The judges had this to say about our Salt Cod Pate…

Huge, smoky, garlic and fish notes in a creamy buttery paté. It was the colour of buttermilk and had a soft creamy texture packed full of salted flaked cod. The flavour was full on salt and garlic and the cod was smoky and fresh. A real delight on toast and a wonderful colour and flavour alternative to fish patés. Well-crafted and delicious.

A buttermilk-coloured dense fleshy fish pate, with the pronounced the sharpness from the abundance of fresh garlic. Pungent garlic predominates with a delicate smokiness from the salted flaked cod. Rich, creamy and crammed with succulent fresh fish, this pate would be delicious on hot buttered toast or French toast topped with cucumber and lemon pearls to add vibrancy and freshness.

Not only does it taste great, but it is packed with 100% natural probiotic goodness in every spoonful, thanks to the buttermilk supplied by Shetland Farm Dairies.  Let’s not forget that it is also high in Omega-3, we use Ola Oils Rapeseed Oil in our pate.

Why not give it a go and see what you think, click here to buy.