Catch of the Day Fish Subscription Boxes!

September 20, 2021

Catch of the Day Fish Subscription Boxes!

We are delighted to announce that we have just launched a subscription service offering customers the chance to have fresh fish delivered directly to their door on a weekly or monthly basis. The Catch of the Day boxes contain a variety of the freshest Shetland seafood from local partner company Blyd ‘O’ It, alongside some of our unique salt fish products.


Shetland - with the North Sea to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west - is famous for its abundance of fresh, premium quality seafood and its rich fishing heritage. The boxes contain a selection of the prime species that has been landed on the very day that it is packed and sent, to ensure that it is in peak condition. The fish has all been caught off the coast of the island by local, family-owned fishing boats.


In Shetland, we often take the quality of our fish for granted and forget that premium quality fish is not always accessible to everyone in the UK. In fact, much of the islands’ fish is shipped to customers overseas. People throughout the UK should be able to easily access Shetland fish, and so the subscription box was borne. Now anyone can access quality fish, delivered direct to their homes.


“Our ‘Catch of the Day’ fish boxes are delivered within 24 hours of despatch and are kept cold with ice packs in boxes insulated with sheep’s wool. This is a fantastic natural insulator, as well as being environmentally friendly.


In addition to the fresh fish, the boxes will contain some of our salt cod products, which I prepare by hand, using the same methods that have been used by my family for generations. Extremely popular in the Mediterranean and Jamaica, and often known as bacalao, salting cod has been a popular means of preserving fish for hundreds of years. Today, it is a popular and versatile ingredient in a wide range of dishes and cuisines.  Its recent resurgence in the UK, is partly thanks to chefs like Shivi Ramoutar, Rachel Roddy and James Martin. Martin, in particular, has featured my products on his shows Islands to Highlands and James Martin’s Saturday Morning.”