After Care Advice

January 24, 2016

I thought I would post to say, that if you are not experienced in handling salt dried fish, you are probably better to keep it in the freezer once you receive it - this will cut down on any worries that you might have about how you should be keeping it.

Keeping it in the freezer isn't required to maintain the fish, but it will stop it from either drying further, or from drawing in damp, if it is not stored correctly.

Experienced salt fish eaters will think this advice is unnecessary, but it'll stabilise your fish, if you are not going to eat it within a few days of receiving it, plus you'll not need to worry.

Also, we've had feedback from one of our customers that there was a cod-worm in one of the fish we sent out. These worms are present in all wild cod stocks. They may look a little un-pleasant, but they are entirely safe, if the fish is cooked. Plus, the salting and drying process renders them harmless ex-worms. Chances are, if you have had cod before, you may well have eaten them and never known.

Our advice is, if you are unlucky enough to find one, just cut around it and dispose of it. It is just one of the things about eating real-food. 

There is plenty of information on cod worms online. Have a look for yourself and please don't worry.