£65 Mail Order Shetland Seafood Lucky Dip Fishbox

May 10, 2020

£65 Mail Order Shetland Seafood Lucky Dip Fishbox

Can't decide what to get? Let us take the strain away. For £65.00, we'll send you a Lucky Dip of Superb Shetland Seafood. 

What do you get for £65.00? At least:

  • 1 x Over £10 Thule Ventus Fish Product, 
  • 1 x Less than £10 Thule Ventus Fish Product,
  • 1 x Blydoit Smoked Fish Product, 
  • 2 x Blydoit Fresh Fish Products, 
  • Free Postage and Packing (Usually £15.50 on Fresh Fish Orders).

Posted by Parcelforce 24 every Tuesday evening from Shetland, meaning the fish should arrive with you on Thursday.

Fish will be delivered in fully recyclable packaging with sheets wool insulation.


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